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There is something about the comic book format that is so appealing.

In a world where video, online games are competing for Childs attention - I think a simple comic book streches my imagination like no other form of media and plus it is good for kids - less screen time, better eyesight, no ads. Kids can connect with their parents talking about Chacha Chowdhary, Pinki, Chandamama or Champak. I am on a mission to promote this healthy activity - come join me !

Let me see if you can answer these questions ?

Did you know - Scroll below for answers

1. Where did Sabu come from ?

2. What is the name of the Jungle in Champak ?

3. What is the crow in Tinkle called ?

4. What is Chacha Chowdhary Dog's name ?

5. What is Geronimo's sister's name ?

6. What is the name of Pinki's squirrel ?

7. Chacha chaudhary mind runs faster than ----------?

8. Who is the writer for Biloo comic ?

9. What is Chota bheem's energy food ?

10. What Profession is Shambhu into ?

Booksylvania is a venture by a kid who grew up reading amazing Indian comics, folk tales and is passionate to share the joy of reading


10. Hunting

9. Laddo

8. Pran

7. Computer

6. Kutkut

5. Thea

4. Rocket

3 Kalia

2 Champakvan

1. Jupitor

Did you get all or few right ? Comment on the ones that you found interesting

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